Ayurveda Has the Cure for Migraine, Vaidya Balendu Prakash reveals an innovative method

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Padamshri recipient Vaidya Balendu Prakash needs no introduction. He has been the former Physician to the President of India, has been the pioneer to establish Ayurveda worldwide speaks on the Innovative Ayurvedic Treatment he invented and clinically tested.   

Guwahati: Migraine can be treated by Ayurveda, claims internationally acclaimed Ayurveda expert Vaidya Balendu Prakash while addressing a Public Seminar here in Guwahati on Tuesday, 24th April.

Recipient of Padma Shree and former Physician to President of India, Vaidya B. Prakash elaborated how he found a co-relation between Sleshma Pitta & Migraine in the mid 80's and subsequently developed an Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol (ATP).

Comprised of Aahar (diet), Vihaar (Lifestyle) and Aushaadh (Ayurvedic formulations), this treatment has been tested clinically for varied aspects such as toxicology and pharmacology. Clinical trials on Chronic Migraine at the Department of Neurology All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi have proved the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines in the treatment of Migraine, he explained.

During the press briefing at Guwahati Press Club held at 11 am on the same day, Vaidya Himangshu Baruah enlightened the journalists about the importance of knowing migraine and its cure. Besides, he emphasized on the myths and erroneous notion among the people about Ayurvedic medicines.

"Each medicine goes through a rigorous detoxification and purification process; hence there is a negligible chance of having side effects or damage to the internal or external parts of the human body", Vaidya Barua detailed.     

The programme, hosted by Dr. Rehana Parveen aimed at awareness among general public about myths and facts on migraine was attended by hundreds of students, doctors and enthusiasts from all walks of life. The organizers Vaidya Himangshu Baruah and Dr. Rehana Parveen thanked the audience for showing such enthusiasm for the cause.        

Prof. Ajaya Mahanta, Senior Neurologist gave his valuable lecture on Migraine and its ayurvedic way of relief while Indrani Raimedhi, Senior Journalist & Columnist threw light on the people's perspectives on the topic.